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Year Month  History
1949 August Established as Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and took over the semiconductor and rectifier departments of Dengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
1953 July Opened the Osaka office in Osaka City (currently Osaka Branch).
1958 June Shares listed on stock exchange (started selling as Tokyo Stock Exchange OTC securities).
1961 October Listed as a second-section company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1964 April Opened the Nagoya office in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture (currently Nagoya Branch).
1966 April Established Coma Electronics Industry Inc. (currently merged with Shindengen Three E Co., Ltd.).
1968 March Established Yamanashi Electronics Co., Ltd.
November Moved to first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1969 November Established Nippon Vendor Net Co., Ltd.
1970 April Established Azuma Electronics Co., Ltd.
July Established Akita Shindengen Co., Ltd.
1975 February Added “electrical work and telecommunication work” to corporate purposes.
1976 March Established Shindengen Menpatsu Co., Ltd. (previously Shindengen Device Commerce Co., Ltd., merged with Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.).
November Established Shindengen Shoji Co., Ltd. (merged with Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.).
1978 November Established Yamagata Shindengen Co., Ltd. (currently merged with Shindengen Three E Co., Ltd.).
1981 July Established Higashine Shindengen Co., Ltd.
1985 July Established Okabe Shindengen Co., Ltd.
1986 November Established Taiwan representative office in Taipei City, Taiwan Province, ROC.
1987 February Established Shindengen America Inc. in California, USA.
1988 January Established Shindengen Seiki Co., Ltd. (merged with Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.).
Established Shindengen (THAILAND)Co., Ltd in Bangkok City, Thailand.
1989 January Made Sanko Denki Co., Ltd. an affiliated company by increasing its capital (currently Shindengen Three E Co., Ltd.).
September Acquired Magnaquest Ltd. in London, UK (currently Shindengen UK Ltd.).
December Established Shindengen Kumamoto Techno Research Co., Ltd.
Established Shindengen Maintenance Co., Ltd. (merged with Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.).
Established Shindengen Enterprise Co., Ltd.
1990 March Established Shindengen Keisoku Inc. (merged with Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.).
June Established Shindengen Singapore Pte Ltd. in Singapore.
1991 March Established Lumphun Shindengen Co., Ltd. in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
1992 July Established the Seoul office in Seoul, Korea.
1993 March Established Shindengen Logistic Co., Ltd. (currently merged with Higashine Shindengen Co., Ltd.).
1994 April Established Guangzhou Shindengen Electronic Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou City, PRC.
May Established Shanghai Shindengen Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. in Shanghai City, PRC.
October Established Shindengen (H.K.) Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong, British Dependent Territory (currently PRC).
1995 March Established Shindengen Philippines Corp. in the Province of Laguna, Philippines.
2001 April Invested in Napino Auto & Electronics Ltd. in Haryana, India, and made it an affiliated company.
November Established PT. Shindengen Indonesia in West Java, Indonesia.
2002 February Established Shindengen Mechatronics Co., Ltd.
2006 February Established Shindengen Sensor Device Co., Ltd.
2007 April Nippon Vendor Net Co., Ltd (affiliated company) acquired 100% of the shares of Chuo Keibi Hosho Co., Ltd.
December Opened the Bangkok office in Bangkok City, Thailand.
2009 May Established Shindengen (SHANGHAI) Electric Co., Ltd. in Shanghai City, PRC.
2010 September Established Shindengen Vietnam Co., Ltd in Hung Yen Province, Vietnam.
2012 August Established Shindengen India Private? Ltd. in Karnataka, India.
2014 August Established Shindengen Lao Co., Ltd. in Champasak Province, Laos.
2019 November Acquired all the shares of Hermes Systems Inc.
2021 April Established Asaka Office in Asaka City, Saitama, Japan

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