"Environmental Vision 2050" established

Apr. 25, 2022

Shindengen has established our "Environmental Vision 2050" for the purpose of promoting group-wide activities focusing on environmentally responsible action as one of the important business tasks. Under this vision, the Shindengen Group aims to contribute to lessening environmental burden and to become a global green-leading companythrough the development of clean energy products, energy saving products, and other initiatives.

About the environmental vision

The Environmental Vision 2050 defines the sustainable society towards which the Shindengen Group aspires as a “Decarbonized society”, “Recycle-oriented society”, and “Society in Harmony with Nature”, and we focus on this ideal not only in the Shindengen Group's business activities, but throughout our entire value chain; implementing the following initiatives aimed at minimizing environmental burden by the year 2050.
In addition, we have also established the Environmental Targets in 2030 as a milestone towards the Environmental Vision 2050, which is surely linked to “Shindengen’s SDGs” Issued by the Shindengen Group.

Environmental Vision 2050

We believe that the beautiful earth to the next generation is a future of value, and will contribute toward achieving the goal of "Decarbonized society", "recycle-oriented society", and " Society in Harmony with Nature"

<Contributing to Decarbonized society>

We aspire to decarbonized society throughout the entire value chain

<Contributing to recycle-oriented society>

We aim to achieve minimum impact on the  environment by both efficient use of

resources and eco-friendly products

<Contributing to society in Harmony with Nature>

We aim to achieve minimum impact on the environment by concecutive enhancement of biodiversity protection.

Environmental Targets in 2030

<Contributing to decarbonized society>

▽ 46% Reduction of CO2 emissions in production process of the FY2013 ratio
▽ Further expansion of avoided CO2 emission through products

We will promote decarbonization for both CO2 emissions resulting from the Shindengen Group business activities (Scope 1 and Scope 2) as well as CO2 emissions resulting from the supply chain (Scope 3).

<Contributing to recycle-oriented society>

▽ Maintain a recycling ratio of 99.9% or higher
▽ Enhancement of eco-friendly products and technologies development

We will boost our contribution towards a recycle-oriented society by focusing on continual effective utilization of limited resources.Besides, we will also enhance the activities to develop eco-friendly products and technologies which must be a key driver for more efficient use of energy.

<Contributing to Society in Harmony with nature>

▽ Promotionof water resources preservation
▽ Promotion of natural preservation through the positive use of FSC certified paper and other initiatives

We will strengthen the activities of water resources preservation which is closely linked with our business field and vital for the Society in Harmony with Nature as well. In parallel with that, we will focus more on the activities for biodiversity andforest protection.

*Scope 1: Direct greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the business (fuel combustion, industrial processes)
*Scope 2: Indirect emissions resulting from electricity, heat, and steam supplied by other companies
*Scope 3: Indirect emissions other than those stipulated in Scope 1 and Scope 2 (emissions from other companies generated in relation to the activities of the business)

(Reference) Shindengen Group SDGs Materiality

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