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In addition to offering diverse diodes as a leading company of diodes, we offer a broad range of MOSFETs from low-withstand voltage to high-withstand voltage, as well as high-withstand power ICs and power modules that centralize power circuit components.

General Rectifying Diodes

General rectifying diode is a p-n junction element. We have a wide range of lineup, for withstand voltage up to 800V and output current up to 30A.

Bridge Diodes

As a world leading company of bridge diode, we are proud of many market results and have a wide range of lineup, for withstand voltage up to 1600V and output current up to 100A.

Schottky Barrier Diodes

This diode uses a barrier that is formed with a metal-semiconductor junction. We offer a wide range of lineup, for withstand voltage up to 200V and output current up to 360A.

Fast Recovery Diodes

This diode is also a P-N junction element with better reverse recovery characteristics. We offer a wide range of lineup, for withstand voltage up to 200V and output current up to 240A.

Power Modules

The power module is a product that combines multiple power semiconductors into one package. It contributes to miniaturization of electronic equipment and improvement of productivity during manufacturing.


Our MOSFET has a wide lineup ranging from low withstand voltage to high withstand voltage. The low withstand voltage series has the industry's top level Qg characteristics and the high withstand voltage series has industry's top level high breakdown tolerance characteristics.


Our thyristors use a planar structure. Besides standard type thyristors, we offer the products having a structure without reverse withstand voltage, which are used in the circuits to prevent inrush current.


SIDAC is a semiconductor element that conducts electricity by applying a prescribed voltage. Our SIDACs are widely used as a switching element or a pulse generating element.


TRIAC is a bi-directional thyristor. With its structure that connects two thyristors in inverse parallel, the current can flow in either direction and this device can be used not just for a direct current but an alternating current as well.

Surge Absorbers

This device is a silicon type low junction capacitance bi-directional surge protector for protecting equipment from abnormal voltage from the signal line.

TVS Diodes

TVS has high-speed response characteristics to withstand high frequency surges and load dump tests, and has high absorbed energy tolerance. We offer a wide range of lineup from 1W to 8W.

Power Clampers

The power clamper is a power snubber surge protector in which the fast recovery diode and TVS are integrated in one package.

IC for LED Lighting

This IC realizes quasi-resonant operation without auxiliary winding, and can be used for LED lighting with linear dimming control.

IC for Automobile

This high-side switch driver supports 2V input, which is the industry's lowest for automotive use.

Driver ICs

This driver IC is a high-side/low-side gate driver with a withstand voltage of 600V, and uses bootstrapping to operate Nch MOSFETs and IGBTs.

Starter ICs

This high voltage IC is to start a control IC which does not incorporate a starter circuit.

Quasi-Resonant Power Supply ICs

This control IC features a function that can significantly decreases the input power when in standby.
MR series is a control IC with built-in main switch.
MS series series is a control IC that has dramatically reduced standby power than before, and it is a main switchless IC.

LLC Current Resonant Mode Controller ICs

This control IC is for control of LLC current resonance circuits.

Power Factor Correction(PFC) ICs

This IC is for PFC circuit control that makes multi-level interleaving possible.

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