Disclaimer Reading IR Information

Any forward looking statements such as performance forecasts, business plans, policies and other information regarding Shindengen and the Shindengen Group appearing on this website have been formulated based upon information available to us at the time. However, they also include many uncertain factors. Therefore, please note that actual performance may differ from the forecasts entered here due to changes in circumstances and other factors.

Shindengen exercises the utmost caution regarding the entries on its site. However, please note that we bear absolutely no responsibility for any mistaken information that has been posted, the manipulation of data by a third party and any damages caused by the transmission of data.
In addition, the Financial Results, Annual Reports, IR events and other materials available on our website that are dated represent information for that concerned date (or the point in time stated in the concerned material) and is not information that is always current. Please note that even if there are later changes to the content of said information we bear absolutely no obligation to change and update these materials each time such a change develops.

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