GaN power module which contributes to reduced equipment size and power consumption


Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has developed GaN equipped power modules in order to contribute to the creation of power conversion and control systems which demand higher efficiency and higher power density aimed at the realization of a low carbon society as momentum for global environmental preservation continues to grow.
GaN power devices are next generation power devices which can achieve low loss greatly exceeding the limitations of Si power devices.

MG001AM (Tentative name)

  • Power module which allows for GaN stable operation
    Power modules which allow for low inductance and stable operation through modulization of a half-bridge circuit simplify GaN drive circuit design in order to enable full utilization of the capabilities of GaN.
  • Achieving stable equipment operation through normally-off function
    The internal device is off when gate voltage is not applied, allowing for good controllability and reliable current isolation to achieve safe equipment operation.
  • Enabling significant reduction of equipment power loss
    This module has low switching loss and conduction loss, achieving significantly lower loss compared to conventional silicon power devices and it contributes to equipment energy-saving.
    This also contributes to reduced size of heat dissipation systems.
  • 50% reduction of power supply transformer size through high frequency operation
    GaN allows for high frequency switching with its low gate capacity (Qg), contributing much more to the reduction of equipment size through its higher frequency power supply operation.
    The size of main transformers and resonance transformers can be reduced by approximately 50% by increasing the power supply switching frequency from the conventional 100 kHz to 1 MHz.
  • 40% reduction in mounting space of half-bridge circuits
    Allows for a 40% reduction in half-bridge circuit mounting space compared to circuits which are composed of discrete GaN products (two TO-247 products).
  • Use of an insulated package eliminates the need for insulation between heat dissipation fins
    This allows for simplification of the mounting process.


  • VDSS: 650 V
  • RDS (on) typ: 50 mΩ
  • Vth typ: 1.7 V
  • Circuit Diagram

Application examples

Server power supplies, Fast charging station, Base station power supplies, Air conditioners, Motor drive

This information is current as of January 10, 2020. Please note that information is subject to change without notice.

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