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Began 2kW PCU mass production for two-wheel EV at Shindengen India in May

Aug. 23, 2023

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Shindengen India Pvt. Ltd. began mass production of DU012 2kW power control units (PCU) for two-wheel electric vehicles in May 2023.


In order to resolve the climate change issues that the world is facing, there has been increased discussion on the electrification of two-wheel vehicles, of which over 50 million units are sold annual worldwide, particularly in Asia.
Shindengen is developing PCU to control drive motors for electric two-wheel vehicles, which is predicted to be a continually growing market going forward. The DU012 drives three phase brushless motors, and is equipped with functions to control motors while detecting battery voltage, vehicle speed, motor RPM, and other vehicle information in real time. In addition to improving the drivability of two-wheel vehicles, these functions also contribute to improved fuel efficiency by making smoother acceleration and deceleration possible.
Sales of two-wheel vehicles are very high in the Asia region, and the need for electrification of these vehicles is growing for a variety of reasons including national policies promoting the electrification of two-wheel vehicles as part of a strategy to combat air pollution issues. The Shindengen Group continues to focus on development of environmentally friendly products under our corporate mission of "Maximizing energy conversion efficiency for the benefit of humanity and society".

  • Displayed DU012 at AUTO EXPO2023


・Realtime detection of battery voltage, vehicle speed, motor RPM, and other information. Controlling motors based on vehicle conditions achieves smoother vehicle operation when starting, accelerating, decelerating, climbing, and descending.
・High voltage and large current drive. The motor drive section features a three phase full bridge circuit structure utilizing MOSFETs and fully utilizes the power supply design technologies Shindengen has developed over many years to reduce switching surges and power dissipation.


DU012(2kW) 6kW PCU 6.5kW PCU
Rating Input operation voltage

High 30V-60V/
Low 10V-16V

High 30V-60V/
Low 8V-16V
High 70V-120V/
Low 8V-16V
Output max phase current

※Air cooling

※Air cooling
※Forced air cooling 5m/s

※Air cooling
※Forced air cooling 5m/s
Size Size(W*L*H mm) 114*148*40 130*167*58 144.2*178.2*63.4
Weight(kg) 0.83 1.6 2.5
Motor Motor type 3 phase synchronous motor

※6KW PCU and 6.5KW PCU are underdevelopment and draft specifications.

Factory Location

Shindengen India Co., Ltd.


May 2023

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