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Expanding lineups on TO-252 equivalent

Mar. 29, 2019


We have added low VF Schottky barrier diode ("SBD") and ultrafast recovery diodes ("FRD") to our lineup of TO-252 packages.


  • Package: Almost equivalent to JEDEC TO-252 (House name FR package)
  • Mountable on a normal TO-252 Soldering pad
  • Flat shape with 2.3mm height (Height of TO-262 is 4.5mm, TO252 is 2.6mm) 
  • Enables to deal with higher current by adopting a full copper clip connection internally
  • Guaranteed Tj=175℃  … ※1
  • AEC-Q101 compliant … ※2



categoly Products name IF(AV) VRRM VF(max) trr(max) IR(max) series

Urtra FRD

NEW D10FR60LA 10A 600V 2.1V 28ns 10µA Aシリーズ
NEW D15FR60LA 15A 600V 2.1V 28ns 10µA Aシリーズ
Low VF NEW D20FR4R5S 20A 45V 0.55V 2800µA Sシリーズ
Urtra low IR SLSBD® D15FR4ST 15A 40V 0.74V 40µA SLシリーズ
D20FR4ST 20A 40V 0.74V 60µA SLシリーズ
General rectifier  D10FR60V 10A 600V 1.05V 10µA
D15FR60V 15A 600V 1.05V 10µA

※:See here for A Series details.

4.External appearance and circuit diagram


5.Factory Location

Lumphun Shindengen Co., Ltd. Etc.



7.Contact information


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