Quasi-Resonant Power Supply ICs

Realize standby power reduction
high efficiency, and low noise

■Standby power improvement function
■Allows for easier efficiency improvement, and noise countermeasures
■Timer latch overcurrent protection

Easier to efficiency improvement, and noise countermeasures
Allows for easier efficiency improvement, and noise countermeasures through control of oscillation frequency under light load and reduction of switching loss.
Timer latch overcurrent protection
When entering an overloaded state, the output voltage drop time will be counted for approximately 2 seconds, and then a latch stop will occur.

Can reduce standby power
2 types of standby function can reduce standby power.
Standby mode Features AC100V input AC200V input
Auto burst Can reduce standby power without any additional components. 59.1mW 62.0mW
Super standby Can reduce standby power by switching to feedback control via the primary side control coil. 29.8mW 33.0mW
※Input power at no load

Product Specifications
MS1003SH MS1004SH MS1007SH
Package SOP8/7J
HV Startup
Standby function Auto
Standby mode Super standby
Bottom skip function 1 time 2 time 1 time
Overcurrent protection Timer latch
Automatic recovery
Soft start function
Overcurrent input correction

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