Ideal diode ICs

▼MF2003SV V-DiodeTM 
Pch_MOSFET with built-in reverse current protection function
Achieves low dissipation and downsizing

An Nch_MOSFET gate driver IC
with built-in reverse current protection function

■Achieves low dissipation and downsizing compared to conventional diodes (SBD).
■Equipped with active clamp function
■Compact package
■Based on AEC-Q100

Heat generation/Dissipation reduction
Reduction of heat generation and dissipation.
Built-in MOSFET Ron≒57mΩ
Equipped with active clamp function
Equipped with function which clamps at approximately ∆VDS≈40V to prevent breakdown of the built-in Pch MOSFET.
Compact package
Utilizes a WSON8-4040 (4.0mm x 4.0mm) leadless package with wettable flank terminals.

Block Diagram
Product Specifications
Package WSON8-4040
Operating voltage 2.5 to 40V
Average current 5A
Quiescent current ≦3μA
Built-in Pch MOSFET Ron 53mΩ(Typ.)
Reverse connection protection Built-in
Reverse current protection Built-in (25mV offset comparator)
Toff 500ns(Typ.)

■Heat generation/Dissipation reduction
■Selectable reverse current protection function
■Wide input voltage range

Heat generation/dissipation reduction
Aims to reduce heat generation and dissipation compared to SBD by utilizing MOSFET. Heat generation and dissipation are dependent upon externally connected Nch_MOSFET.
Wide input voltage range
Compatible with a wide range of input voltages from 4.5 to 65V, which allows for use in a wide range of devices.

Selectable reverse current protection function
The reverse current protection function can be switched ON and OFF via the REV terminal Hi/Lo status.
No function : Bidirectional conduction is possible.

Block Diagram
Product Specifications
Package TSSOP10
Operating voltage 4.5 to 65V
Standby current ≦5μA (external signal)
Booster circuits output current 75μA(Typ.)
Boost voltage 12.5V(Typ.)
Reverse current_OFF time 200ns/0.7A(Typ.)
EN_OFF time 50ns/0.12A(Typ.)
When the power supply is connected in reverse Current reduction, External gate discharge
Charge pump Built-in capacitor

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