High-side/Low-side driver ICs

Simultaneous ON prevention
function high-side/low-side driver IC with built-in 600V elements

■2 input/2 output high-side/low-side driver IC with built-in 600V elements
■Can be used in a wide variety of applications including inverter circuits, AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies, and more
■Simultaneous ON prevention function
■Equipped with UVLO circuit

Simultaneous ON prevention function
Equipped with a protective circuit which uses an internal circuit to cancel any period and turn output OFF when simultaneous ON signals are received to input. This prevents through-current from occurring on drive power devices, improved safety.
Equipped with UVLO circuit
Has a built-in low voltage protection circuit which is independent of the IC power supply (Vcc) and gate drive voltage supply (VBS), for improved safety.

Simultaneous ON prevention function operation sequence
1.Turns output ON and OFF based on input.
2.Internal circuit cancels when both inputs are Hi, so both outputs will also be Low.
3.When recovering from state where both inputs are Hi, output is delayed by the internal fixed Dead Time.

Product Specifications
High-side floating voltage 600V 622V 622V
VCCvoltage 22V
Output current SOURCE 400mA 220mA 220mA
SINK 400mA 450mA 450mA
ton 210ns 240ns 240ns
toff 195ns 270ns 270ns
tr 33ns 75ns 75ns
tf 30ns
Package SOP8J
Simultaneous ON prevention function
No. of inputs 2
No. of outputs 2

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