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Record-breaking intense heat in recent years is expected to spur global demand for air conditioning. However as higher performance and multifunctionalization continue to increase power consumption, there are also increasing demands for both energy and space saving solutions through inverter technologies and other means in response to concerns over global warming and environmental impact. In addition, there has been a rapid increase in the number of stick-type vacuum cleaners, power tools, and other battery-equipped products, resulting in demand for more compact devices and longer operating times through reduced power consumption.

This has in turn resulted in even greater demand for reduction in size and higher efficiency in the power semiconductors which are key parts of these home appliances.

In order to respond to market needs, our company offers a diverse range of power semiconductors including bridge diodes, power MOSFET, power IC, and more, suited to a wide assortment of applications from white goods to digital home electronics in order to contribute to energy and space saving in devices.

What are inverter technologies?
A technology which allows for fine adjustment of motor rotation speed through changes to voltage and frequency. Using air conditioners as an example, this technology can contribute to reduced CO2 generation through motor control by only using the required amount of energy, for example in cases where you want the air conditioning cooling to be effective quickly, such as when first starting operation, etc., the motor rotation speed can be set high, and then reduced to the minimum required rotation speed once the room reaches a comfortable temperature. 

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