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Here you can download external 3D model CAD data of Shindengen semiconductor products.
The purpose of this CAD data is to confirm the shape of, and to examine the implementation of our products.
Please read "How to download 3D models" carefully when downloading.

Data format: STEP

How to download 3D models

1 : Search for products

There are two ways to search for products.
Please select one of the following from the semiconductor products top page.
 1: Shindengen Product Finder
 2: Search by Product Category

2 : Search by using Shindengen Product Finder

Enter the part no. in the "Shindengen Product Finder" search box.
You can search by part of product names.
When the search results are displayed, click "Product Details".

3 : Search by Product Category

Select a product group/series name in "Search by Product Category".
Click on the one you were looking for from the list of product names displayed.

4 : Agree to the disclaimer and download

Click "3D Model" on the upper right of the individual product page to display the disclaimer. Read the disclaimer carefully and click "Agree and Download".

5 : Fill in the download form

Please fill out the form.
Click the "Send" button, a download URL will be sent to the email address you entered.

6 : Download 3D model data

Please download the file from the URL sent to you.

Terms and Conditions for Licensing of 3D Model
These Terms and Conditions for Licensing of 3D MODEL (hereinafter referred to this "Agreement") provide for the conditions for the licensing between you (whether companies or individuals; hereinafter referred to as "Customers/you/your") and Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Company/we/our/us") concerning the 3D MODEL downloaded by you from our website.

Upon downloading 3D MODEL, you will be considered as having given your consent to the content of this Agreement. Before downloading 3D MODEL from our website, please read thoroughly the content of the Sections below, including the disclaimer, and only download 3D MODEL by clicking the "I AGREE" button upon your agreement with the content of this Agreement.
  1. Only those individual Customers who have agreed to this Agreement and downloaded 3D MODEL may use 3D MODEL under non-exclusive and non-assignable licensing  terms. With respect to the 3D MODEL which you downloaded, you may not sell it or lend it, or lease it out to someone else, or otherwise use it for profit, and you may not distribute, transmit (including public transmission), or otherwise provide it to someone else.
  2. The 3D MODEL that we offer (hereinafter referred to as "Licensed 3D MODEL") is only the “STEP”. We do not offer other types of 3D MODEL, which do not appear on our website.
  3. The purpose of the Licensed 3D MODEL is check the shape of our products and consider mounting using our products, and we provide no guarantee as to the quality, performance, accuracy of function, reproducibility, integrity, fitness for a particular purpose, or merchantability or the like. You should never make your final decision unless you have conducted an experimental evaluation of the actual product. Furthermore, the Licensed 3D MODEL cannot be used for the CAE analysis including thermal analysis, stress analysis, and electromagnetic field analysis, etc, other than with regard to check the shape. As such, you should not use the Licensed 3D MODEL for the evaluation of environmental conditions, reliability verification or the like.
  4. Company has the copyright for the Licensed 3D MODEL which is downloaded from our website.
  5. You may not alter or adapt the entirety or any part of the Licensed 3D MODEL, or take any other action which fails to maintain the identity of the Licensed 3D MODEL. Also, you may not analyze the Licensed 3D MODEL by methods such as reverse engineering, disassembling, and reverse compiling.
  6. Use of the Licensed 3D MODEL does not provide guarantee for, or grant license for, intellectual property rights and other rights of Company or any third party.
  7. Company does not provide any guarantee (including with regard to functional operation, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, accuracy of information, and guarantee of non-infringement of a third party's rights), expressly or impliedly, for the Licensed 3D MODEL.
  8. Company is not responsible for any damage arising from the Licensed 3D MODEL (including indirect damages, consequential damages, special damages, incidental damages, lost profits, opportunity loss, and damages due to taking leave of absence from work).
  9. Company has no responsibility over whether or not the Licensed 3D MODEL will work properly on all computer systems. Furthermore, Company is not responsible for maintenance and support.
  10. The Licensed 3D MODEL is subject to change without notice due to product improvement and the like.
  11. You shall strictly abide by applicable export control laws including the foreign exchange and foreign trade laws of each country.
  12. This Agreement takes effect upon your downloading of the Licensed 3D MODEL. Company may, irrespective of the reason, terminate this Agreement at any time by posting a notice to that effect on our website.
  13. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Japan.

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