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  • Announcing the launch of an AEC-Q101 compliant high withstand voltage 900V MOSFET~Contributes to improved reliability in vehicle device applications~

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Announcing the launch of an AEC-Q101 compliant high withstand voltage 900V MOSFET
~Contributes to improved reliability in vehicle device applications~

Mar. 14, 2024

Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will launch new 900V withstand voltage 1A and 2A models in the VX3 Series high withstand voltage MOSFET for vehicle applications in April.

In recent years, greater numbers of MOSFET than ever before are being incorporated in environmentally friendly vehicles designed to comply with stricter regulations related to global warming countermeasures in recent years. Among these, demand is growing particularly for high voltage and high reliability MOSFET for use in applications as sub-power supply switching elements for converting power from 400V class high voltage batteries to low voltage, and in circuit applications to quickly discharge electrical load built-up in electrolytic capacitors when power is turned on.

In order to respond to these needs, Shindengen is adding the new 900V withstand voltage 1 amp P1B90VX3K and 900V withstand voltage 2 amp P2B90VX3K models to the high withstand voltage MOSFET VX3 Series for vehicle applications. These products feature revised internal structures to achieve HBM 2kV guarantee and MM 200V guarantee, and are compatible with the high ESD tolerances required for vehicle device applications. This will contribute to improved reliability in vehicle device applications.
In addition, Shindengen has also begun development on the 1200V withstand voltage 1 amp P1GF120VX3KA, the 1200V withstand voltage 2 amp P2GF120VX3KA, and the 1200V withstand voltage 3 amp P3GF120VX3KA for 800V class high voltage battery applications. The products use the TO-263-7p surface mount package which maintains insulation distance and provides high reliability. We will begin offering samples for each model as they become available. Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will continue to satisfy needs for high withstand voltage products in the automotive market going forward.

    • High ESD tolerance for vehicle applications【Fig.1
      MM: 200V guarantee / HBM: 2kV guarantee for high reliability 
    • Other features
      Uses DPAK

    Fig.1  High ESD tolerance for vehicle applications


    ■ Product Specifications

    Part Name VDSS [V] PKG ID [A] Ron [Ω]
    Ciss typ. [pF] Coss typ. [pF] Crss typ. [pF] Status
    typ. max
    P1B90VX3K 900 TO-252 1.0 9.5 14.0 201 26.7 4.5 ES
    P2B90VX3K 900 TO-252 2.0 5.6 7.2 370 42 5.9 ES

    ■ External Dimensions Diagram

    ■ Availability

    Around April 2024.

    ■ Related Products Information(Under development)

    Part Name VDSS [V] ID [A] Ron [Ω]
    typ. max
    P1GF120VX3KA 1200 1.0 19.6 24.5
    P2GF120VX3KA 1200 2.0 13.4 16.8
    P3GF120VX3KA 1200 3.0 10.1 12.6
    ※To be released next year

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