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  • Announcing the launch of a bidirectional TVSs which reduce package size by 30%~Contributes to downsizing of ECU protective circuits for vehicle applications~

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Announcing the launch of a bidirectional TVSs which reduce package size by 30%
~Contributes to downsizing of ECU protective circuits for vehicle applications~

Oct. 25, 2023

Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has developed and begun shipping samples of the  "DL20B Series" bidirectional TVSs.
In recent years, increasing functionality and complexity of vehicle application ECUs has led to an increase in energy consumption. In the past, reverse connection protection elements for ECU protection used general rectifying diodes, however recently the trend has shifted towards circuit configurations which use Schottky barrier diodes, MOSFET, ideal diodes, etc. to achieve higher efficiency. Demand for bidirectional TVSs, which can absorb positive and negative surges with a single element, is growing for these type of circuit configurations for surge protection and dissipation loss reasons. In these cases, significant space restrictions due to an increase number of ECUs in vehicle applications has led to more demand for compact bidirectional TVSs.

Shindengen has launched the DL20B Series bidirectional TVSs in response to these needs. Compared to equivalent products from other companies, this series has a 30% reduced package size which contributes to device downsizing and space saving.
Shindengen also offers a wide withstand voltage lineup, to allow customers to select products suited to the standards required for their particular applications. In addition, because these products use the same package as conventional uni-directional TVSs, there is no need to change board patterns, allowing for more flexibility in design.

■ Features

    • The package size is reduced by about 30%【Fig.1
      Package size reduced 30% compared to the conventional equivalent competitor products, contributing to product downsizing.
    • Utilizes a gull-wing structure for both anode and cathode terminals.【Fig.2】
      Alleviates substrate stress while plating of the terminal tip provides higher reliability.
    • Uses the same package as uni-directional TVSs
      No need to change board patterns when switching from uni-directional TVSs to bidirectional TVSs due to circuit changes
    • Wide withstand voltage lineup available
      You can select products suited to required standards from a wide range of 23V to 27V withstand voltage

The package size is reduced by about 30%.

Utilizes a gull-wing structure for both terminals.

■ Typical Applications

・vehicle application ECUs Overvoltage Surge Countermeasures(ISO7637-2)

■Product Specifications

Part Name Absolute Maximum Ratings Electrical Characteristics AEC-Q101
PRSM [W] Tstg [°C] Tj [°C] VRM [V] VBRmin. [V] VBRmax. [V] IR max. [uA]
DL20B-27F2 2000 -55~175 175 23 25.0 29.0 5
DL20B-30F2 2000 -55~175 175 24 28.0 32.0 5
DL20B-33F2 2000 -55~175 175 25 31.0 35.0 5
DL20B-36F2 2000 -55~175 175 27 34.0 38.0 5

■ Availability

Around December 2023.

■ Factory Location

Akita Shindengen, Co., Ltd. etc.

■ Contact information

* The contents revised as of October 31, 2023.

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