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Announcing four new models of our 4th generation power MOSFET with 24% reduced figures of merit, which contribute to reduced size and power consumption in a variety of mobile applications

Aug. 18, 2020

Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has started mass production of four new models for its EETMOS4 Series lineup of Power MOSFET. This series uses a new structure chip and Cu clip to realize low loss and large current capacity in a 5×6 mm size compact package, greatly contributing to reduced size and lower power consumption for longer operation times in various motor drive circuits, power supply circuits, relay related and other applications in battery driven devices . In addition, the series also utilizes gull-wing shaped package terminals to achieve high reliability mounting.


In recent years there has been a rapid increase in the number of stick-type vacuum cleaners, power tools, motorized bicycles, and other battery-equipped products.
Other new markets, such as drones, also continue to expand. There is demand for more compact sizes, and longer operating times through lower power consumption for these battery driven devices, leading to even greater demand for reduction in size and higher efficiency in the power semiconductors which are key parts of these devices.
Shindengen has announced a new range of Power MOSFET, 40V-120V in compact package, following the market trends and needs.
These products reduce FOM (Figure of Merit), which is the product of on resistance and total gate load, by 24%*1, and in addition to increasing power supply circuit conversion efficiency, also decrease mounting area by 54%*1, to contribute to reduction in size and improved efficiency of automation systems by mounting our new structure, 4th generation power MOSFET (EETMOS4) on compact packages using Cu clip connections which have low electrical resistance and high heat dissipation.
In addition, because mobile devices which use batteries as their power source require strong soldering which is resistant to impacts, the new EETMOS series offers strong solderability and robust solder fillet by means of its plating and gull-wing leads structure to fulfill the exact requirement of automotive quality level.

※1:Compared to previous our products


1New structure 4th generation power MOSFET 【Fig.1
  FOM*2 reduction of 24% achieved through mounting of new structure, 4th generation chips on packages using low resistance connectors.
2Utilizes a Cu clip structure  【Fig.1,2
  54% reduction in mounting area through use of compact packages (5×6mm) utilizing low resistance, high heat dissipation Cu clip connections.
3Gull-wing shaped leads 【Fig.3
  Alleviates substrate stress while plating of the terminal tip provides higher reliability.
4Can be used to replace existing packages
  Similar external size and shape to SOP8 and HSON series packages allows for easy replacement.
5Tj=175 guaranteed



Various motor drive circuits … Power tools, Stick cleaner, Electric bicycle, Drone etc.
Various power supplies   … LED backlight, Booster circuits, etc.
Relays, Reverse protection applications
BMSBattery Management Systems

■EETMOS4 New Model Product Specifications

Type. No.VDSS [V]ID [A]RDS(on) [mΩ]Vth [V]
P70LF4QL 40 70 3.6 4.5 2.0
P38LF6QL 60 38 7.9 9.9 2.0
P70LF4QN 40 70 3.9 4.9 3.0
P38LF6QN 60 38 8.3 10.4 3.0

■External Dimensions and Equivalent Circuit

■ Factory location

Higashine Shindengen Co.,Ltd.(JPN) etc.

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