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Realizing mechanical and electrical integration - Motor drive power modules
~Contributing to lighter weight and more compact EPS~

Nov. 17, 2020

Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has launched 2 new products from the MG048 series motor drive power module aimed at vehicle installation Electric Power Steering (EPS) and other applications.
These new products contribute to the realization of mechanically and electrically integrated EPS aimed at lighter weight and more compactness by integrating motor drive MOSFET, shunt resistance, thermistors, and other peripheral components with high heat dissipation modules.


The shift towards electrification and higher performance for vehicle control systems has accelerated as a means of complying with increasingly strict global exhaust gas regulations and for further advances in automated driving.
Redundant design has become necessary for function safety in automotive control systems in order to achieve collaborative control and automated driving, however concerns over the increase in the number of components, and growing size of ECU has resulted in advancement of not only improvement of fuel efficiency through electrification in EPS, but also mechanical and electrical integration aimed at decreasing weight and reducing size.
By integrating the MOSFET, shunt resistance, thermistor, and snubber circuit into a module, these new products make it possible to reduce the actual mounting area by approximately 70% compared to motor drive circuits composed of discrete MOSFET (TO-263) and peripheral components on glass epoxy substrate (FR4). In addition, the products contribute to both the realization of mechanical and electrical integration of EPS in order to make it possible to downsize heat dissipater systems by lowering heat generation (channel temperature reduction of approximately 73℃) through high heat dissipation modules and also to decreasing the size of and making more compact motor drive systems.
The MG048A150004A is compatible with 12V vehicles (passenger vehicles) while the MG048B100006A is compatible with 24V vehicles (commercial vehicles).


6 MOSFET 6 and built-in shunt resistance, thermistor, and snubber circuit
Integrating a motor drive circuit composed of a main switch element power MOSFET and a total of 14 passive components into a single module allows for a reduction in the total number of components and an approximately 70% reduction of the mounting area compared to a discrete configuration (Fig. 1).
High heat dissipation insulation type power module
The power module which utilizes a high heat dissipation board makes it possible to reduce the MOSFET channel temperature by approximately 73℃ (Fig.2) and to downsize the heat dissipater system.
In addition, the high heat dissipation board is insulated with a built-in element, which eliminates the need for the insulating required when attaching external heat dissipation fins to a discrete element, which also contributes to simplification of the manufacturing process. 
Terminal layout which separates the signal side and power terminal side
The signal terminals and power terminals are separate on the left and right sides of the package to contribute to optimization of PCB pattern wiring (Fig.3).
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■Typical Applications

・Vehicle installations, Electric Power Steering (EPS)
・Auxiliary system motor drives


Type No.Output elementsVDSSIDRDS(ON)
MG048A150004A MOSFET 40V 150A 2.1mΩ(typ.)
MG048B100006A MOSFET 60V 100A 2.92mΩ(typ.)

■External Dimensions and Equivalent Circuit (Unit: mm)

■Factory location

Akita Shindengen Co., Ltd. (JPN) etc.

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