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Announcing the launch of high withstand voltage 900V power MOSFET based on AEC-Q101
~Optimal for xEV high voltage DC/DC converters~

Oct. 13, 2020

Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has launched two new products, the P3FH90VX3 and P5FH90VX3 power MOSFET based on the AEC-Q101 vehicle application reliability standards.
The products' high withstand voltage of 900V prefers to install main switches and discharge circuit switches for xEV DC/DC converter control power supplies.


The development of environment friendly vehicles (xEV) has rapidly accelerated with strict regulations related to global warming countermeasures in recent years.
xEV are equipped with 400V class high voltage batteries which supply power to various electronic components, including the main motor drive, resulting in demand for high withstand voltage for the power semiconductor devices used for power conversion which were not conventionally necessary for gasoline vehicles.
Because the power supply for main motor drive IGBT control circuits is generated by a DC/DC converter from a high voltage battery, high withstand voltage is required for the MOSFET used in the related main switch applications. In addition, the voltage conversion circuits for high voltage batteries utilize high withstand voltage, large capacity input condensers, resulting in an increase in the need for circuits which forcibly extract the electric charge built up in capacitors for safety reason, and high withstand voltage MOSFET are also required for these switch applications.
It has already lined up 800V MOSFET aimed at these applications.  In addition, there are new line-up as P3FH90VX3 and P5FH90VX3 which features high withstand voltage of 900V in order to better respond to market needs, preferes to install main switches which are a key part of high voltage DC/DC converters as well as in discharge circuit switches from large capacity condensers.
Moreover, the products also satisfy demand for high ESD tolerance in vehicle installations with a guarantee of 2kV ESD tolerance (HBM*1).

*1: Human Body Model


1:Based on AEC-Q101 application automotive reliability standards
2:Surface mount package(House name:FH(JEDEC:TO-263AB-1))
3:High withstand voltage VDSS=900V
  900V withstand voltages makes the products optimal for use in high voltage battery voltage conversion circuits 
4:High ESD tolerance
  HBM=2kV,MM(*2)=200V guaranteed
5:High breakdown voltage
  100% avalanche, di/dt inspection

*2: Machine Model

■Typical Application

・Vehicle installation DC/DC converter control power supply main switches
・Fast discharge circuit switches

・High voltage relays


Type. No.VDSS ID RDS(on) Vth 
P3FH90VX3 900V 3A 2.8Ω 3.4Ω 4.0Vmax.
P5FH90VX3 900V 5A 1.2Ω 1.5Ω 4.0Vmax.

■External Dimensions and Equivalent Circuit(Unit:mm)

■Factory location

Higashine Shindengen Co., Ltd. (JPN) etc.

■Contact information

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