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Launching power module MG031 series for motor inverter circuits

Mar. 12, 2019


Demand for smaller and lighter parts is increasing in the automotive industry as the number of ECUs for each vehicle increases due to more automation in the market.
Our MG031 series, developed for motor inverter circuits, enables handling of higher current by utilizing a full copper clip connection and exposing the lead frame.


  • Adopted internal connection structure that uses connectors (soldered copper clips) to support large currents.
    Improved strength and reliability of the connection and lowered the internal wiring resistance compared to conventional aluminum wire bonded structures. 
  • Made more compact and capable of larger current through lead frame exposure(※)
  • Tch=175℃ guarantee
    Ensures the reliability required for vehicle installations
  • Approximately 60% reduction size (2,200mm2 → 880mm2

※  Non-insulated type,Insulated one is currently under development 

3.Typical applications

  • Motor Inverter Circuit for automobile markets
  • Motor Inverter Circuit for industrial machinery markets

4.Product specifications

Products name MG031B090004A MG031G148004A

Absolute Maximum Ratings

VDSS 40V 40V
ID 90A 148A
IDP 360A 592A
PT 125W 154W
Tch 175℃ 175℃

Electric characteristics

3.2mΩ(max.) 2.2mΩ(max.)
Vth 2.0V(typ.) 3.0V(typ.)
Rth(j-c) 1.2℃/W(max.) 0.97℃/W(max.)
Detail MG031B090004A MG031G148004A

5.External appearance, circuit diagram

  • External appearance
  • Circuit diagram

6.Factory Location

Lumphun Shindengen Co., Ltd. Etc.



8.Contact information


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* The contents listed are as of Mar 12, 2019

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