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Launching power module MG032 for large motor inverter circuits

Dec. 5, 2018


While computerization and functional advancement has been accelerated in the automobile and industrial machinery markets, there has also been an increase for space saving demands in large motor inverter circuits.
The "MG032 Series" module was developed for large motor inverter circuits, and the module’s compact structural design allows a great reduction parallel connections of components compared to discrete mounting.


  • Insulated type
    This power module is an insulated type and does not require additional insulation work that is necessary when using discrete semiconductors.
  • Reduced stress on elements
    This power module allows a reduction of the number of parallel element connections, which reduces the stress placed on some elements as a result of wiring, heat dissipation, and other imbalances that occurred when making multiple parallel connections in previous discrete semiconductors.
  •  Reduced size
    This power module maintains large power capacity while being more compact through use of elements developed specifically for this module and high heat dissipation packages.

3.Typical applications

  • Integrated starter generator
  • Industry equipment
  • Forklift
  • Electric motorcycles

4.Product specifications

Products name MG032A4207R5A MG032B420010A

Absolute Maximum Ratings

VDSS 75V 100V
ID 420A 420A
IDP 840A 840A
PT 500W 500W
Tch 150℃ 150℃

Electric characteristics,

thermal characteristics

0.98mΩ(max) 1.37mΩ(max)
Vth 3.0V(typ) 3.0V(typ)
Rth(j-c) 0.25℃/W(max) 0.25℃/W(max)
Detail MG032A4207R5A MG032B420010A

5.External appearance, circuit diagram

  • External appearance
  • Circuit diagram

6.Factory Location

Higashine Shindengen Co., Ltd., etc.

7.Contact information

Contact your local distributor for details.


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