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Additional Line-up of TO-277A package

Nov. 20, 2018


We have released our large current compact TO-277A packages, which have proven popular in the automotive and other markets. In addition to our existing Schottky barrier diode lineup, we have also expanded our lineup of standard rectifying diodes and fast recovery diodes to allow customers to select from a wider range of products to find optimal solutions for their needs.


・Package:TO-277A(JEDEC)(house name:FY)
・Adopted internal connection structure that uses connectors(soldered copper clips) to support large currents.
・Ultrathin type: Height: 1.1 mm for TO-277A and approximately 2.6 mm for TO-252
・High heat dissipation(terminal thickness=0.3mm, JEDEC=0.25mm)
・Tj=175℃gurantee … ※1
・AEC-Q101 compliance
・Mounting based terminal shape designs: Optimized terminal structures allow for easier solder fillet formation

※1:Schottky barrier diodes[SLSBD]

3.Product specifications

4.External appearance

5.Start of production

In mass production

6.Factory Location

Akita Shindengen Co., Ltd., etc.

7.Contact information

Contact your local distributor for details.


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