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Additional line-up of TO-252 package

Nov. 20, 2018


Our IF(AV)=10 to 20A class large current diodes in TO-263 equivalent packages were extended into the much wanted, popular, and thinner TO-252 equivalent packages previously. This time, we have added our series of low Vf schottky barrier diodes and ultra-fast recovery diodes in the line-up to allow customers to select from a wider range of products to find optimal solutions for their needs.


・External configuration similar to JEDEC TO-252.(housename:FR)
・Can be mounted on TO-252 soldering pads
・Thin type, Unit height is approximately 2.3mm
・Accommodation of large current: Using Cupper clip form to accommodate large current
・Tj=175℃gurantee … ※1
・AEC-Q101 making plans for AEC-Q101
・Mounting based terminal shape designs: Optimized terminal structures allow for easier solder fillet formation

※1:Schottky barrier diodes[SLSBD]

3.Product specifications

4.External appearance

  • e.g. soldering pad scales

5.Start of production

In mass production

6.Factory Location

Lumphun Shindengen Co., Ltd., etc.

7.Contact information

Contact your local distributor for details.


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