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Notice of commencement of shipping for samples of the MF2001SF industry minimum low input voltage driven IC

Apr. 7, 2017

1. Overview

There has been a recent focus on measures for operation at low input voltages in order to avoid devices being unable to function correctly as a result of drops in battery voltage which occur when an automobile restarts from a cold cranking or idling stop.
The newly developed MF2001SF achieves an industry best low input voltage of 2 V and is compatible with the LV124 cold cranking conditions (battery voltage drop to 3.2 V) established by German automobile manufacturers, allowing devices to operate correctly even when battery voltage drops.
The device is also a high side drive control IPD with built-in Pch high withstand voltage power MOSFET that is also compatible with wide input voltage range of 2 V to 42 V developed using Shindengen's proprietary technologies.

  • LV124 Test case 1 - Cold start

2. Features

  • Achieves the industry's best low voltage input of 2 V
  • Compliant with LV124 cold cranking conditions (drop in battery voltage to 3.2 V)
  • Utilizes a 2 wire latch model which makes it possible to maintain output during cranking
  • Wide input voltage range: DC 2 V to 42 V
  • Safety design: Will not be damaged by adjacent pin shorts, etc.

3. Specifications

Input voltage drive Can operate from 2 V
Wide input voltage range DC 2 V to 42 V
Standby current (dark current) 20 μA typ.
Operation mode Drive signal 2 wire (Latch model: Enables maintenance of output even when output from the microcontroller etc. stops)
Output Pch MOSFET current 1 A max
Output Pch MOSFET ON resistance 330 mΩ typ.
Built-in protection functions Overcurrent protection, overheat protection
Junction temperature Tj max = 150°C
Recovery after short detection Automatic recovery

4. Typical Applications

Battery direct linked high side switches (for relay drive)

5. Basic Circuit Configuration

6. Pin Arrangement / Exterior Diagram (HSOP-8N Package)

Pin No.SymbolFunction
1 VIN Power supply pin
2 DIAG Output status notification pin
3 CT Short output monitoring timer
4 CRT Automatic recovery timer
5 ON High side ON pin
6 GND Ground pin
7 OFF High side OFF pin
8 OUT Output pin

7. Inquiries

Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Marketing & Sales Dept. Sales Div. Group
e-mail: dendeba@shindengen.co.jp

* Content accurate as of April, 2017.

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