Asaka Office CASBEE S Rank and ZEB Ready certified

Nov. 12, 2020

We have received the maximum possible S Rank for CASBEE Wellness Office advance certification for our Asaka Office scheduled to commence operation in April 2021. The building also received ZEB Ready certification.

The Asaka Office has an atrium in the center of the building, which incorporates natural light and natural ventilation, and this atrium is provided as a free space to promote communication among employees. In addition, the building also features living environments which are focused on employee comfort and health, including the air conditioning system which serves to maintain both the environment and comfort, while saving energy. Our company has introduced both flex work and work-from-home systems, and provides environments aimed at improving employee intellectual productivity.

  • Atrium concept image
  • CASBEE Certification mark
  • ZEB Ready certification
    (52% reduction in design primary energy consumption)

■What is the CASBEE Wellness Office?

The CASBEE Wellness Office is a comprehensive building environment assessment system implemented by the Institute for Building Environment and Energy Conservation (IBEC), where buildings are rated on a 5 level star (★) scale, with the S rank being the highest possible assessment. The system evaluates not only elements which directly affect the health and comfort of people working inside the building but also elements which contribute to the improvement of intellectual productivity as well as safety and security related performance factors.

(Reference: Abstracted and translated from the Japanese IBEC Website)

■What is ZEB Ready?

ZEB is an acronym for Net Zero Energy Building, and refers to buildings which maintain comfortable indoor environments while also maintaining a net primary energy balance of zero for the energy consumed by the building over the course of a year. Buildings which achieve the highest rank in the building energy conservation performance certification system (BELS), are  certified as ZEB, Nearly ZEB, ZEB Ready, etc. based on their degree of energy-saving performance.

ZEB Ready is a certification which is used to categorize advanced buildings where the exterior of the building features high performance insulation and the building uses high efficiency energy saving equipment, etc. to achieve savings of 50% or more of the standard primary energy consumption, excluding renewable energy.

(Reference: Abstracted and translated from the Japanese Ministry of the Environment Website)

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