Notice of investment in Novel Crystal Technology, Inc.

Jun. 30, 2020

We are pleased to announce that we have partially undertaken a capital increase of Novel Crystal Technology, Inc., which carries out development of β-type gallium oxide, through third-party allotment.

Our power semiconductor devices, which belongs to one of our main businesses, are used in many electrical products including electric vehicles, and is expected to further grow in demands in the future. Especially, next generation power semiconductors using materials like SiC, GaN and β-type gallium oxide are under the spotlight.

This capital subscription allows us to integrate our technology with Novel Crystal Technology, Inc.’s β-type gallium oxide device, which we believe, leads to low-loss high-current power semiconductor in lower price range. In specific, we are aiming towards semiconductors for industrial equipment inverters and EV drive motor inverters, which require comparatively large amounts of electrical power.

β-type gallium oxide has a wider band gap than SiC or GaN, making it easier create devices with higher withstand voltage and higher current. The device is also considered to be more cost-competitive compared to SiC device.

“Advancing Product Strategy for Sustainable Growth” is our focus in our 15th Midterm plan. With this capital subscription, not only we are aiming to developing β-type gallium oxide semiconductors but also expanding the application of the device by utilizing our circuit technologies, which can contribute to the growth of a low carbon society.

About Novel Crystal Technology, Inc.
Since its establishment in June 2015, they have carried out development, manufacturing, and sales of β-type Ga2O3 monocrystalline substrate and epitaxial wafers, as well as development of power devices which utilize these components.

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