Opening of Asaka Office

Apr. 1, 2021

It is our pleasure to announce the opening of our new Asaka Office.

Asaka office, where we consolidated the functions of the Otemachi Head Office and Hanno Factory, which was responsible for the R&D and business operation functions of our group, officially opened on April 1st. At Asaka office, we aim to improve productivity and ensure business continuity based on the following four concepts.

Consolidate functions and improve productivity

Functions that were previously dispersed between the Otemachi Head Office and the Hanno Factory have been consolidated into the Asaka Office to create a high-level development system and a space for creating synergies that transcend the boundaries of business units. The office is equipped with an ICT environment and an open plan design with individual concentration booths to promote intellectual productivity.

Advanced environment

The building has been certified as ZEB Ready by reducing energy consumption by 52%. An atrium has been created in the building to promote natural lighting and ventilation, and energy-saving technologies such as air conditioning systems and automatic CO2 control have been adopted.

Comfort and ease of working

The office has received the highest CASBEE Wellness Office rating of "S rank". In addition to a layout suitable for each department, the office is a space where employees can easily communicate with each other, and the living environment is designed with "comfort" and "health" in mind. In addition, employees can choose to work flexible hours or telecommute to accommodate their individual work styles.

Safety and Security

The Asaka Office has a highly earthquake-resistant structure, ensuring the safety of employees and establishing a system for business continuity.

Based on our corporate mission of "maximizing energy conversion efficiency for the benefit of humanity and society," we will work with this new facility to realize our promise to stakeholders and society: "Listen closely, look ahead, and create a future of value”.

Asaka Office Details

Address: 3-14-1 Saiwai-cho, Asaka city, Saitama 351-8503, Japan
Tel: 048-483-5311
Lot area: approximately 29,600㎡
Architectural area: approximately 28,500㎡
Beginning of work: 1st April 2021

* The head office will remain unchanged at the Otemachi Head Office (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo).

  • Asaka Office appearance
    Asaka Office appearance
  • Asaka Office
    Asaka Office atrium

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