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Overview of the Technology and Development Center

The Technology and Development Center handles the basic research and applied research development stages that come before product commercialization. Technological challenges we are working on include developing elemental technologies and prototypes for low-loss devices, module mounting technologies, IC product process technologies and high-efficiency, low-noise power supply circuits. Using simulations, we determine the properties and key points of technologies in development, accumulating knowledge in order to efficiently pass on the results of our work to the business divisions. The product development departments in each segment then use these technologies to develop new products optimized for the needs and applications of their markets and customers.


R&D expenses were as follows.

R&D Investment (Millions of Yen)
R&D Investment (Millions of Yen)

Progress in the First Year of the 16th Medium Term Business Plan

Technology and Development Center Development Strategy and Progress

Under the 16th Medium Term Business Plan, our basic technological development strategy is to develop unique and appealing products, pursue open innovation and strictly adhere to development schedules. To realize the Company’s Long-Term Vision, we will advance the development of products and technologies with competitive advantages in growth businesses. In low-loss power devices, power modules and power supply units, we aim to acquire technologies that enable differentiation from competitors and the provision of new added value. Targeting new markets, we will further hone our existing technologies and incorporate outside expertise regarding technologies we do not currently have in order to make product development into a growth engine going forward.


In next-generation device development, we are advancing technological development and market research aimed at the mass production of SiC-MOSFETs. For GaN and Ga₂O₃ devices, we are studying process development and device structure. In the development of mounting technologies for next-generation devices, we are developing elemental technologies for high-frequency and high-current devices and advancing the selection and evaluation of new materials with the aim of further increasing product temperature ratings.

In the IC field, we will focus on products for automobiles as a new business pillar while working to expand business in products for home appliances, products for the lighting market and products for industrial equipment. In addition, we will focus resources on the development of elemental technologies for future products and continue to build foundations for their commercialization going forward.

In the robotics field, we will examine new research themes related to the four key issues of power source size reduction and efficiency improvement; shortening development time; new technologies; and new fields.

In magnetic components, we will advance development focused exclusively on high-added-value key parts that significantly impact power source performance. Looking at such custom magnetic components as main transformers, reactors and chokes, we aim to establish technologies for maximizing power supply performance. At the same time, we will work to advance size reductions and expand measures to reduce costs by such means as automating production.


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