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Energy Systems and Solutions Business

Segment Overview

This segment offers power supplies and monitoring equipment focused on efficient energy conversion and use based on the Group’s wealth of electric power conversion technologies built up over the decades. To meet society’s needs as energy diversifies, we will continue to tirelessly advance technological development and quickly realize technologies that can reduce environmental burden in order to help realize a sustainable society.

Percentage of total net sales* (Fiscal 2022)

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We developed a compact quick charger and expanded the product lineup of high-output quick chargers compatible with standard communications protocols. In AC chargers, we developed a 6 kW output charger with proprietary specifications and commenced mass production. Furthermore, we advanced the development of bidirectional power converters for V2X applications.

In the telecommunication market field, we began mass production of high-efficiency, compact low-capacity 48 V power supplies. Also, we continued technological development of power source converters aimed at realizing more compact products with higher capacity and greater efficiency.

Capital Investment

Segment capital investment was aimed at expanding production capacity at Shindengen Three E Co., Ltd. in response to growing demand for EV quick chargers.

R&D and Capital Investment* (Millions of Yen)
R&D and Capital Investment	(Millions of Yen)

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Progress in the First Year of the 16th Medium Term Business Plan

Opportunities and Risks in the Energy Systems and Solutions Business

  • Opportunities
    • Rising demand for recharging infrastructure alongside the increase in EVs
    • Growing needs for high-efficiency products due to rising electricity costs
  • Risks
    • Decreased profit due to rising component and material costs and loss of opportunities due to delays in component and material deliveries
    • Loss of opportunities due to changes in recharging infrastructure subsidy funding

Energy Systems and Solutions Business Strategy and Progress

  • 1. Earnings structure construction
    • Develop power supplies with high power conversion efficiency for telecommunications equipment as we contribute to reducing the electricity consumption of data centers, telecommunications buildings and mobile base stations.
  • 2. Building a foundation for expansion of growth businesses
    • Expand the product lineup of EV/PHEV chargers (quick chargers and AC chargers) and broaden sales to a wide range of customers.
    • Promote the development of power conversion devices that alter the charging and discharging cycles of batteries to ensure stable electrical supply and energy saving.
  • 3. Focusing resources on product groups that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions
    • The Energy Systems & Solutions Division considers its mission to be efficiently contributing to the creation of various energy sources in a manner that ensures the safe and secure use of energy. The division contributes to efficient energy use through the development of power-conversion-related efficiency technology and will work to further expand its eco-friendly products going forward.


1. Earnings structure construction

We began new development of 600 A rectifiers. We are advancing product development leveraging our accumulated technologies and expertise.

2. Building a foundation for expansion of growth businesses

We developed 150 kW quick chargers compatible with the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) as well as 6 kW AC chargers and released them as products. We will continue sales expansion activities in order to gain market share throughout the EV charging market.

We developed bidirectional energy converters to meet the needs of the growing renewable energy market. Going forward, we will advance development toward product launch.

3. Focusing resources on product groups that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions

We advanced technological development of electric power converter components (200 A units) for power sources used in the telecommunications market, improving efficiency by approximately 5% and reducing loss by 58%.


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