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Car Electronics

Segment Overview

The Car Electronics segment began with the manufacture of regulators used for the control of motorcycle battery charging. Products for motorcycles still account for more than 80% of segment sales. Our mainstay electronic control units (ECUs), which help to control motorcycle engines, are widely used in motor scooters in Asia, and our regulators are used worldwide. We also manufacture inverters for portable engine generators, converters used in electrified vehicles and other products, providing products to the motorcycle, four-wheel vehicle and general-purpose machinery industries.

Percentage of total net sales (Fiscal 2022)


IIn the motorcycle field, to advance decarbonization, we continued technological development to meet the OBD II environmental standard for internal combustion engine-related products. For electrified vehicles, in motor drive technologies, we established control software technology using resolver sensors and three-phase current.

In the automobile field, we worked to establish technologies for ensuring the level of automobile quality in common power sources sought by the market and developed waterproof versions to expand the product lineup.

In the general-purpose field, we advanced efforts to established cutting-edge technologies using GaN devices to reduce the size and increase the voltage of inverter products.

In addition, we advanced the development of elemental technologies related to ultrasonic metal bonding and formic acid soldering to improve connection technology, acquiring various data to study their application in products.

Capital Investment

Segment capital investment was aimed mainly at expanding production capacity at Okabe Shindengen Co., Ltd. in the four-wheel vehicle field and at Shindengen India Pvt. Ltd. in the motorcycle field.

R&D and Capital Investment (Millions of Yen)
R&D and Capital Investment (Millions of Yen)

Progress in the First Year of the 16th Medium Term Business Plan

Opportunities and Risks in the Car Electronics Business

  • Opportunities
    • Increased volume of electrification-related components for motorcycles and general-purpose machinery due to tightening environmental regulations
    • Growing DC/DC converter demand due to the spread of electrified vehicles
  • Risks
    • Decreased volume of engine-related components due to the electrification of motorcycles and general-purpose machinery
    • Growing development burden due to the shift from single component supply to multifunctional system unit development and unit security enhancement

Car Electronics Business Strategy and Progress

  • 1. Earnings structure construction
    • Expand the customer base: Expand sales of regulators and ECUs for motorcycles to new customers.
  • 2. Building a foundation for expansion of growth businesses
    • Expand sales in the EV market (included PHEVs and HEVs): Proactively take part in the electrification plans of automobile and motorcycle OEM manufacturers, including those overseas, to develop products.
  • 3. Focusing resources on product groups that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions
    • In ten years, sales of current mainstay products for motorcycles and general-purpose machinery engines will decrease, while sales of electrification-related products will rapidly expand.
    • Focus on the development of such products as motorcycle motor drivers using power devices manufactured by the Electronic Device segment as key parts; bidirectional inverters that use power source technology (one of our core technologies); and external chargers and other electrification-related products for use with battery energy supplies.


To expand the range of our customers, in the motorcycle business, we are actively working to expand sales of regulators and ECUs for motorcycle engines as well as PCUs and down converters for EVs.

Particularly in the motorcycle business, because India represents a growing market going forward, as part of efforts to cultivate new customers, we exhibited our products for EVs at Auto Expo Component in New Delhi. As a result, we received inquiries from many potential new customers. Going forward, we will work to speed up product development with an eye to quickly progressing inquiries into orders.

In addition, for products related to electrification, an area of expected growth, we are working to increase efficiency in new product development by promoting the sharing of common technologies across the motorcycle, four-wheel vehicle and general-purpose machinery businesses. At the same time, aiming to increase our ability to make proposals to customers and respond swiftly to expand orders, we are reorganizing the design and sales departments within the Car Electronics Division Group and reallocating human resources.


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