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Development of MCZ5213ST PFC+LLC controller equipped with THD improvement function

Nov. 1, 2016

Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Headquartered in Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku) has developed the MCZ5213ST PFC+LLC controller with THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) improvement function.

1. Overview

This product is equipped with a function built in to the IC which utilizes Shindengen's proprietary technologies to make it possible to maintain THD at less than 10%, which can greatly contribute to power harmonic current regulation, especially in the lighting industry. The product is a control IC for PFC and LLC which allows it to be deployed in a variety of applications.
Lighting equipment must satisfy the requirements of JIS C61000-3-2 Power Harmonic Current Regulation Class C, for which reduction of THD is effective. The MCZ5213ST, developed using Shindengen's proprietary technologies, is equipped with a THD improvement function which allows for reduction of THD to less than 10%, which in turn makes it possible to more reliably clear the requirements of the relevant standards.
In addition, because the product is a control IC for power factor improvement circuits and current resonance circuits, it can also be deployed in a wide variety of applications other than lighting equipment.

2. Features

  • Equipped with a THD improvement function suitable for lighting applications
    THD: Achieves less than 10% at 50% load and less than 5% at 100% load at AC 240 V
  • Single chip PFC/LLC controller in a SOP18 package.
  • High efficiency and low EMI through critical conduction mode PFC control.
  • Adjustable LLC min/max and start frequency.
  • 600 V robust Gate driver.
  • Optimizes PFC/LLC ON-OFF sequence.
  • 35 V rating for Vcc supply.

3. Major Applications

  • CVCC application like high power LED driver / battery charger.
  • LBP and other document PSU.
  • High power audio amp PSU.
  • Flat panel display PSU.
  • Industrial PSU.

4. Basic Circuit Configuration

5. Comparison of THD improvement function with previous Shindengen products (products not equipped with THD improvement function)

Product nameImprovement functionTHD
50% load100% load
MCZ 5213ST Yes 8.70% 4.60%
MCZ 5205SE (Previous product) No 17.20% 17.70%
  • Input current waveform after THD improvement (AC 240 V input)

6. Terminal Arrangement / Exterior Diagram (SOP18 Package)

7. Production Plant

Higashine Shindengen Co., Ltd. and other

8. Sample Provision Period

Planned for the end of January 2017

9. Sample Price

Contact Shindengen sales representative for details.

10. Inquiries

Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Marketing & Sales Dept. Sales Div. Group
e-mail: dendeba@shindengen.co.jp

11. Notes

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* Content accurate as of October 28, 2016.

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