On-board Chargers

As automotive electronics continue to make advances, there is an increasing demand for powering electronic components. Now vehicle mounting designs, for example, also require inverters, motors and high-voltage batteries, they have become more high-density with each generation. As a result, the power capacity must be increased for onboard chargers, and they must be downsized further and made more lightweight. To address these requirements, Shindengen offers low-loss from soft switching circuits, as well as high heat dissipation and thermal dissipation technology. In addition, full digital control with a DSP (digital signal processor) helps optimize power control, strengthen safety designs and enable communication with the controlling ECU.

Onboard charger with single-phase AC input

Use For P-HEVs and EVs


This onboard charger meets charging requirements for high-voltage batteries in a short period of time. Our high efficiency, low-noise multi-level PFC circuit, our soft switching circuit that features an in-house semiconductor device (designed and manufactured internally) and our high heat dissipation design all help achieve the highest power density in the world: 1,200 W/l.


Input voltage

AC 100 V (85-132 V)
AC 200 V (170-264 V)

Input frequency 45-65 Hz
Switching frequency  90 kHz
Output voltage range DC 210-410 V
Maximum efficiency 92.5%
 Output power 7,200 W
Weight 8.0 kg
 Volume 5.9 liter
 Power density 1,200 W/liter

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