Work Style Reform

Shindengen issued a Work Style Reform Declaration with the intention of inspiring everyone within the group to undertake reforms themselves, maximize the use of management resources, and foster and maintain a new corporate culture that enhances performance and realizes work-life balance. We started initiatives from February 2021.

Work Style Reform Declaration

By creating a system for working from home and flextime, the degree of work style freedom increased in terms of location and time. Leveraging this environment, we strive to further enhance the productivity of each individual and achieve work-life balance with the aim of enhancing the quality of work and life.

【Our Initiatives】
1. Confidently discard old work and meeting methods that have been held over from the past without thought
2. Overcome the remote communication issues that became apparent during the COVID-19 pandemic and further utilize the tools available

【Our Goal】
We declare that we will create a new corporate culture of taking on challenge after challenge with agile thinking and continue striving even if we fail.

Achieving Both Occupational Productivity and Ease of Working

Under the Work Style Reform Declaration, we are working to enhance the ease of work. To this end, we established spaces for fostering communication among employees (free spaces on gradual open stairs) and office layouts attuned to the work styles of each department in the Asaka Office while adopting diverse work styles combining working from home and flextime.
We are increasing work productivity and shifting from long working hours to concentrated operating hours coupled with a flexibly adaptable workstyle for each employee. Furthermore, we will continue increasing corporate value and accelerating the increase in time allocated for creative work and the simplification of standard operations.

At sites in Japan and overseas responsible for the Shindengen Group’s production, we are enhancing cooperation among sites and realizing work style reforms.

Work Style Reform at Production Sites

Okabe Shindengen, which is our mother factory for car electronics, we are promoting work style reforms and introducing smart glasses* for communication with overseas production sites. We are leveraging the benefits of being hands-free and wearable. By connecting to the internet to send and receive video and audio while working, employees can remotely confirm the final quality of products and provide setting guidance for production equipment when launching products. Basically, we are enhancing the real-time performance and reliability of support when trouble shooting products and production equipment.

* Smart glasses are wearable glasses-shaped devices that allow the remote real-time sharing of audio and video data.

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