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Power ICs
MTA/MTD Series   MTA/MTD Series
With a broad lineup of high-voltage, high-current stepping motor driver ICs for various drive systems, and high-output interface driver ICs for actuator drives, we respond to the growing performance of devices and the diversification of needs.
MD Series   MD Series
These are non-insulating DC-DC converter power ICs. By combining the main components for a DC-DC converter into one package, we have eliminated the headaches of power circuit design. We have two types of rectifying systems: the SBD rectification type and the highly efficient synchronous rectification type. Realize high-performance power circuits easily by selecting the products that fit the application.
MR Series   MR Series
These are IC modules for partial resonance power supplies, containing control circuits and main switching elements. With just a few external components, construct a partial resonance power supply that saves energy in standby.

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