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Diodes   General Rectifying Diodes
High voltage PN-junction rectifying elements.
Our chip structure uses our own chemically and physically stable glass passivation. It offers exceptional heat and humidity resistance. Voltage reaches 800 V and output currents range from 1 A to 25 A.
Bridge Diodes   Bridge Diodes
Suited for rectifying commercial power.
Voltage reaches1600 V, with 0.9 V forward voltage.
Full line includes output currents from 0.4 A to 50 A, high-voltage, high-IFSM, and low-noise in every package.
Fast Recovery Diodes   Fast Recovery Diodes
These diodes use the barriers created from the junction of metal and semiconductor. They make optimal high-speed, low-VF diodes, with lower forward startup voltage than a PN junction and extremely fast switching.
Schottky Diodes   Schottky Diodes
These are high-voltage, high-speed PN-junction rectifying elements with improved reverse recovery characteristics. They are perfectly suited for SMPSes in fields including home electronics, as well as those for offices and factories. With switching frequencies around 100 kHz, they are responsive to the trend towards higher frequencies in SMPSes.

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