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Car Electric Products
Car Electric Products
Car Electric Products   Electrical Products
We have been developing electrical products since 1953, when we developed a selenium rectifier for motorcycles. Since then, we havefocused on development and sales of regulators/rectifiers and CDIs (capacitor discharge igniters) for motorcycle, as well as universal engine transistors...MORE

Shindengen only solicits business with original equiipment manufacturers. We are contractually obligated not to sell to the aftermarket industry. If you have an aftermarket requirement, please contact the service department of an authorized dealer.

  Functional Power Module Technology: Providing Power Modules Perfectly Matched to The Specification

We develop highly efficient, highly functional power modules for inverters, converters etc., using our unique power circuit and in-car mounting technology along with our own power semiconductors.

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  Digital Control Technology: Raising Power's Added Value With High-Speed Digital Control!

Our digital control system achieves high-speed control and added value by going from the old system of analog feedback control to our unique switching power algorithm.

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